NASA Dreams Big With 100 Year Starship Project

While NASA’s continues to focus it’s efforts on the search for extra-terrestrial life and the unmanned probing of the solar system , someone in their Technology Applications Assessment team has been dreaming a little bigger. The project has been called the 100 Year Starship and it’s aim is to build a manned interplanetary multi-mission starship. While they’ve received $1mill from DARPA to start working on how to make it happen, someone still needs to fork out the big bucks to build the ship. Thankfully the happy little engin-gnomes on the TAA team have drafted up a proposal.

Nautilus-X Starship

The concept is called Nautilus-X, and low-and-behold it even has a centrifuge module (sci-fi become reality) that will provide partial gravity to its crew of six and can hold enough fuel/food/wi-fi to keep them happy for missions up to 2 years long.

Did I mention it has a centrifuge?

Centrifuge tested on the ISS

In the related PowerPoint presentation (it’s not beautiful but it gets the point across ) they even propose housing a 30ft version of the centrifuge on the ISS to test how astronauts will adapt to partial gravity for long missions. I’m thinking they’ll adapt pretty well.

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